Materials of the conference "Essays of Mining Science and Practice", 2020

Materials of the conference , April 22-24, 2020. Organized by Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics named by N. Poljakov of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


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Names of the scientific editors

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Anatolii Bulat
Cor. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Oleksii Voloshyn
Prof., Dr. Baochang Liu
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Yevstakhii Kryzhanivskyi
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Valeriy Heyets
Ph. D. Oleksandr Zhevzhyk

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II International Conference “Essays of Mining Science and Practice”
Anatolii Bulat
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00001

Borehole resistivity and induced polarization tomography at the Canadian Shield for Mineral Exploration in north-western Sudbury
Mosaad Ali, Shulin Sun, Wei Qian, Abdou Dodo Bohari, Dusabemariya Claire, Ajibola Richard Faruwa and Yan Zhang
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00002

Geoelectrical tomography data processing and interpretation for Pb-Zn-Ag mineral exploration in Nash Creek, Canada
Mosaad Ali, Shulin Sun, Wei Qian, Abdou Dodo Bohari, Dusabemariya Claire and Yan Zhang
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00003

Gravity enrichment of resistant gold-bearing ores
Gulzhan Askarova, Mels Shautenov and Kulzhamal Nogaeva
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00004

Flotation enrichment of resistant gold ores
Gulzhan Askarova, Mels Shautenov and Kulzhamal Nogaeva
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00005

Formulation of methods reducing landslide phenomena and the collapse of career slopes during open-pit mining
Abdrakhman Begalinov, Vitalii Khomiakov, Yerdulla Serdaliyev, Yerkin Iskakov and Aibar Zhanbolatov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00006

Mining processes of brick products in the Czech Republic
Jan Fiala, Miroslav Lapka, Jan Fiala jun and Milan Mikolas
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00007

Transport routes on technological lines and following problems
Jan Fiala, Miroslav Lapka, Jan Fiala jun and Milan Mikolas
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00008

Blockchain application in mining management
Teodora Hristova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00009

Current trends in the development of automation surveying support in the construction of subways
Abduboki Khakimov, Gullola Kutumova and Zamira Mirzaeva
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00010

Research identify the group for lead – zinc ore type to prepare exploration in Ban Lim area, Caobang province, Vietnam
Luong Quang Khang, Khuong The Hung, Nguyen Phi Hung and Dang Minh Ton
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00011

Research on the relative productivity of a drum mill type SAG 8.5×5.3
Ivan Minin
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00012

Approach for preliminary determination of the type and number of vertical rods in grounding installations
Petar Petrov, Georgi Velev and Krasimir Ivanov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00013

Increasing of filtration characteristics of ore bodies in borehole uranium mining
Bayan Rakishev, Zhiger Kenzhetayev, Asel Shampikova and Bakytzhan Toktaruly
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00014

Automated determination of internal points of the coordinate grid of the blasted rock mass
Bayan Rakishev, Zaure Rakisheva, Alma Auezova and Аsfandiyar Orynbay
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00015

Mine planning subject to prepared ore reserves rationing
Kanay Rysbekov, Ayan Toktarov, Tursyn Kalybekov, Serik Moldabayev, Timur Yessezhulov and Gulnara Bakhmagambetova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00016

Improving the effectiveness of explosives using a dispersed air gap
Ilyar Tukhtamov, Nurken Beisebaev, Bulat Bazhanov, Asfandiyar Orynbay and Asel Shampikova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00017

Polymer concrete and fibre concrete as efficient materials for manufacture of gear cases and pumps
Kassym Yelemessov, Leonid Krupnik, Sayin Bortebayev, Bauyirzhan Beisenov, Dinara Baskanbayeva and Akzhan Igbayeva
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00018

Specific Issues with Liquidation of the Mineral Deposit in Vazany by the Kromeriz
Martin Zidek and Michal Vokurka
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00019

Prediction of the stress-strain state of circular workings in a layered massif by scaling
Ahmad Alkhdour, Anatolii Radkevych, Oleksii Tiutkin and Nataliia Bondarenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00020

Modeling coal dust dispersion from pile with protection barriers
Mykola Biliaiev, Viktoriia Biliaieva, Oleksandr Berlov, Vitalii Kozachyna, Pavlo Kirichenko, Oladipo Mutiu Olatoye and Viktoriia Poltoratska
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00021

Environmental and economic aspects of the exploitation of roads by the mining industry
Ludmila Boginska, Olena Hasii, Oksana Yurchenko and Viacheslav Shushkevych
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00022

Civil legal aspects of the recodification of intellectual property rights
Ievgeniia Bulat and Roman Pichko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00023

Geotechnical analysis of optimal parameters for foundations interacting with loess area
Olha Dubinchyk, Dmytro Bannikov, Vitalii Kildieiev and Vitalii Kharchenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00024

Investigation of oscillations of platform on isotropic supports excited by a pendulum
Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Volodymyr Yatsun and Irina Filimonikhina
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00025

Adsorption purification of waste water from chromium by ferrite manganese
Liliia Frolova, Mykola Kharytonov, Iryna Klimkina, Oleksandr Kovrov and Andrii Koveria
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00026
Investigation of ultrasonic treatment of wastewater from iron compounds
Liliia Frolova, Mykola Shapa, Tetiana Butyrina, Мariia Savchenko and Tetiana Hrydnieva
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00027

Testing of the combined structural elements of support of a mine opening
Grygorii Gasii, Olena Hasii and Vita Klimenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00028

Justification of the method of dust emissions localization on mobile crushing and sorting complexes of quarries with the use of air-and-water ejectors
Valerii Kolesnyk, Artem Pavlychenko, Olena Borysovska, Yurii Buchavyi and Daria Kulikova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00029

Discrete mathematical model of travelling wave of conveyor transport
Viktor Kravets, Volodymyr Samusia, Dmytro Kolosov, Kostiantyn Bas and Serhii Onyshchenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00030

Organizational and methodological support for Ukrainian coal enterprises marketing activity improvement
Aleksy Kwilinski, Yuliya Zaloznova, Nataliia Trushkina and Natalia Rynkevych
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00031

The grounds for the modification of membranes with the help of quantum mechanical calculation method
Mykola Nechytailo, Olena Nahorna and Olena Nesterova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00032

Providing resistance of protection means on the soft adjoining rocks
Serhii Nehrii, Tetiana Nehrii, Sergey Kultaev and Oksana Zolotarova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00033

The new approach in evaluating the mechanism of the blast effect and organizing the blasting operations while tunneling
Volodymyr Petrenko, Oleksii Tiutkin, Ihor Heletiuk and Taisiia Tkach
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00034

Evaluation of the creditworthiness of extractive industry companies
Ryszard Pukala, Nataliya Vnukova, Tetiana Tokhtamysh, Oleksandr Yaholnytskyi and Kateryna Hranko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00035

Studying the features of the implementation of underground coal gasification technology in terms of Lvivvuhillia SE
Pavlo Saik, Roman Dychkovskyi, Vasyl Lozynskyi, Volodymyr Falshtynskyi, Edgar Cabana and Leonid Hrytsenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00036

Investigation of the influence of flooded bench hydraulic mining parameters on sludge pond formation in the pit residual space
Borys Sobko, Oleksii Lozhnikov and Carsten Drebenshtedt
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00037

Industrial property management: sectorial aspect
Olena Stryzhak, Olena Akhmedova, Olena Sushchenko and Mariia Pokolodna
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00038

Features of process of epoxidation of natural rubber scrap in water – xylene
Serhii Zybailo, Viktor Ved and Denis Shapovalov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00039

The determination of the influence degree of mining-geological and mining-technical factors on the safety of the degassing system
Ruslan Ahaiev, Dmytro Prytula, Eduard Kliuiev, Dmytro Zhytlonok, Edgar Cabana and Liudmyla Kabakova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00040
The role of microbiota in paleoecosystems for forming the molecular profile of coals
Oleksandr Balalaiev
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00041

Present problems of vibration isolation in heavy mining machines at long-term cyclic loads
Vitalii Dyrda, Anatolii Kobets, Ievgeniia Bulat, Serhii Slobodian, Mykola Lysytsia, Serhii Sokol, Vladimir Lapin and Hennadii Ahaltsov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00042

Argumentation for critical parameters and operating modes in the process of underwater mining of placers
Farzad Fatehi, Yevhen Semenenko, Olha Medvedieva, Larysa Tatarko and Olexander Haminich
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00043

Assessment of the stability and loading indicators of two-axle mine cars and rail tracks
Volodymyr Hovorukha and Todor Zhelyazov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00044
Control of technical state of mine hoisting installations
Serhii Ilin, Larysa Adorska, David Pataraia, Volodymyr Samusia, Svіtlana Ilina and Mykhailo Kholomeniuk
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00045

Conversion of gas engine waste heat into cold using absorption chillers
Georgii Karman, Yurii Oksen, Olena Trofymova, Yurii Komissarov, Borys Dizhevskyi, Maksym Radiuk and Inna Diakun
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00046

Determination of the limiting angle of inclination of tubular belt conveyor
Ruslan Kiriia, Andrii Smirnov, Tetiana Zhyhula and Todor Zhelyazov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00047

Estimation of usage efficiency of freon-steam turbines in mine energy complexes
Mykhailo Kirsanov, Inna Diakun, Vitalii Ruban, Viktor Skosyriev and Oleksandr Zhevzhyk
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00048

Identification of zones of influence of exogenous fire damaging factors
Ivan Kokoulin, Tetiana Bunko, Ihor Yashchenko, Ruslan Papirnyk, Anatolii Belikov, Vadym Myroshnychenko and Oleksandr Otchenashev
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00049

Kinetics of scandium recovery by TVEX-TBP from the solution formed after the salt chlorinator cake leaching
Vadym Korovin, Yurii Pohorielov, Yurii Shestak, Oleksandr Valiaiev and Jose Luis Cortina
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00050

X-ray diffraction method application to assess the energy losses on explosive-rock contact under various blasting
Ihor Kratkovskyi, Ernest Yefremov, Kostyantyn Ishchenko and Sergo Khomeriki
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00051

Outburst cavity formation in the working face driven along the outburst-prone coal seam
Oleksandr Krukovskyi, Viktoriia Krukovska and Wen Zhang
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00052

The choice of mining development strategy based on the improved Bayes criterion
Yevhen Lapshin, Borys Blyuss, Serhii Dziuba and Larysa Tatarko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00053

The resource-saving technology to restore the accumulation ability of tailing ponds
Olha Medvedieva, Yevhen Lapshyn, Natalia Koval, Abdikarim Zeynullin and Olena Gupalo
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00054

Numerical simulation of flow-induced acoustic oscillations around circular cylinders
Serhii Mirnyi, Oleg Polevoy, Andrii Zinchenko, Anton Pylypenko and Vasyl Vlasenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00055

Belt conveyor failure simulation at the design stage with transverse displacements of the belt
Vitalii Monastyrskyi, Serhii Monastyrskyi, Denis Nomerovskyi and Borys Mostovyi
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00056

Scientific and technical aspects of grouting of marginal rocks of mine workings
Serhii Musiienko, Tetiana Palamarchuk, Liliia Prokhorets and Volodymyr Kurinnyi
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00057

Energy estimation of the interaction of a roller vibratory classifier’s blade with crushed rock mass for solving design problems
Volodymyr Nadutyi, Valentyna Chеlyshkinа, Vitalii Sukhariev and Jamil Haddad
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00058

Complex spectral-acoustic monitoring of the state of fluid-saturated coal-rock mass
Yurii Pylypenko, Iryna Konstantynova and Kchichtof Оzet
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00059

Influence of paleodislocation intensity and modern movements on the stressed state of massif
Dmytro Pymonenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00060

Calculation of the maximum velocity of gravity flow in the pond-clarifier with higher aquatic plants
Yevhen Semenenko, Tetіana Demchenko and Artyom Pavlichenko
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00061

Development of a mathematical model of a vibrating polyfrequency screen as a dynamic system with distributed parameters
Heorhii Shevchenko, Volodymyr Shevchenko and Serhii Holobokyi
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00062

Redistribution and realization of energy at different scale-hierarchical levels of coalrock massif
Anna Sielski, Kostiantyn Bezruchko, Liudmyla Pymonenko, Oleksandr Burchak, Andrii Karhapolov and Volodymyr Baranovskyi
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00063

Technological solutions for mining of off-balance gypsum reserves in difficult geological conditions
Serhii Skipochka, Viktor Serhiienko, Volodymyr Amelin, Oleh Sytnichenko and Thibault Faucher
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00064

Development of digital technologies for the systems of remote mining safety monitoring
Ihor Slashchov, Anton Slashchov, Illya Siromaschenko, Volodymyr Kurinnyi and Maksym Ikonnikov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00065

Numerical model to simulate ventilation of dead-end mine working with brattice
Oleksii Voloshyn, Mykola Biliaiev, Viktoriia Biliaieva, Vitalii Kozachyna, Oleksandr Berlov, Tetyana Rusakova and Ivan Kalashnikov
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00066

Determination of some mining parameters of the long wall for the effective use of plough systems in the Western Donbas mines
Oleksii Voloshyn, Siarhei Onika, Oleh Riabtsev, Serhii Protsak and Olena Nykyforuk
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00067

The results of monitoring of hydroimpulsive disintegration of outburst-prone coal seams using ZUA-98 system
Vasyl Zberovskyi, Kostiantyn Sofiiskyi, Rishard Stasevych, Artem Pazynych, Jan Pinka and Marina Sidorova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00068

Mathematical modeling of heating of coal particle within the space between electrodes of arc-heating reactor
Oleksandr Zhevzhyk, Leonid Kholiavchenko, Serhii Davydov, Iryna Potapchuk, Liudmyla Kabakova, Olena Gupalo, Vitalii Pertsevyi and Nataliia Morozova
E3S Web Conf., 168 (2020) 00069